Macular Degeneration Laser Treatment

Macular Degeneration Focal Laser Treatment

Patients who develop "wet" macular degeneration may benefit from retinal laser treatments. A laser is used to cauterize abnormal blood vessels that cause visual distortion in your central vision.

Advancements in the treatment of "wet" macular degeneration have made injectable medications a choice of first defense. Medications have revolutionized the management of this disease with better outcomes than ever before. 

Macular degeneration that is considered "dry" also effects central vision and will be monitored closely by your doctor for any signs of progress to a more aggressive form of the disease. Nutritional supplements are recommended for those patients who have "dry" or very early signs of the retinal disease. Diets rich in dark greens and no smoking are also recommended.

Be sure to have Vitamins E and C, Zinc, Copper, Lutein and Zeaxanthin in your diet or in your daily supplement. If tolerated, specifically package eye vitamins can be found over-the-counter and include Ocuvite, Icaps, PreserVision and AREDS 2 Formula. Always check with your doctor before starting new vitamins. 

Dr. Kriegstein and Dr. Bierman see patients in our Plymouth and Sandwich office for medical treatment of macular degeneration.


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