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Botox® Medical

Botox® Medical

Did you know that Botox, commonly thought of as a cosmetic procedure, has its early history as a medical treatment for Strabismus(misaligned eyes)?

Initially used to relax overactive eye muscles, Botox has gained popularity in the medical treatment of a number of muscular diseases including facial spasming, migraine anomalies and hyperhidrosis(excessive sweating).

Dr. Lois Townshend is fellowship trained in the use of Botox Medical injections and has been providing life altering treatment for patients with strabismus and facial spasm since it was FDA approve in 1990.  Since FDA approval in 2010, Dr. Townshend has been using Medical Botox in the treatment of chronic migraines to the delight of her patients suffering from chronic migraines. Patients suffering from hyperhidrosis, have found relief with Botox Medical Injections with Dr. Townshend since FDA approval in 2004.

Every patient is unique and has specific needs, therefore a personal consultation is necessary to determine if you are a candidate for Botox Medical Injections. Reach out, our staff is ready to assist, answer questions or schedule a consultation. Staff will assist with insurance concerns where applicable.



Cosmetic Botox®

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Cosmetic Botox®

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