Glaucoma Treatments

Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma is a disease of the eye in which increased fluid pressure causes damage to the optic nerve resulting in loss of peripheral vision. 

Treatments to stop the progression of glaucoma damage include, eye drops, medication by mouth, laser, and surgical intervention. New advancements in surgical treatments include: removal of damaged tissue in the eye's drainage pathway, and micro stents implanted to create a bypass for fluid reduction in the eye. Both laser and surgical options aim to reduce the number of glaucoma eye drops a patient is reliant upon for control of their glaucoma disease.

Surgery for glaucoma is performed by your doctor under local anesthesia at our surgery center in Sandwich, MA. Early detection is important for patients with glaucoma, allowing for options on best choice of treatment therapy.  Adults should have their eye pressure checked at regularly scheduled eye appointments. Call for an evaluation if you have questions, concerns or a family history of glaucoma. 

"I have all the faith in Dr. Kriegstein.  He takes good care of me and makes me feel comfortable. I love the staff and I trust Dr. Kriegstein and I just know I am in good hands. I wouldn't see anyone else for my eyes."       Marion


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