Retinal Re-attachment Surgery

Retinal Re-attachment Surgery

The retina, senses light and sends images to your brain.  "It is like a layer of saran wrap covering the inside of a ping pong ball", describes Dr. Kriegstein. A retinal detachment occurs when the nerve fiber layer pulls away from its normal position causing loss of vision.

All patients with retinal detachment require either an in-office procedure or surgery, depending on the location, type of break, and size of detachment. Although determined on a case by case basis, most often surgery is done under local anesthesia with mild sedation at our surgery center in Sandwich, MA. Some repairs are performed with local anesthesia in our Plymouth office after diagnosis during a dilated eye exam.

At the first sign of trouble, it is important to call to be seen for a retina check with your doctor. Early symptoms include: constant flashing or lightening-like lights in your vision, an increase of new floating spots, cobweb appearance in your vision, or a shadow or curtain blackening out a portion of your vision. After careful examination your doctor can diagnose and plan your treatment for repair.

"Every time I am in the office, the staff is pleasant and very helpful. Dr. Kriegstein is always professional. His comforting demeanor is reassuring even when the diagnosis and treatment are difficult."

– Brian

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