Glaucoma Evaluation

Glaucoma Evaluation

Glaucoma, "the silent thief of sight", is an excellent reason, as an adult, to have an annual eye exam. Just as the saying goes, patients can have peripheral vision loss before they learn of their diagnosis of glaucoma.

Increased fluid pressure in the eye(s) damages the optic nerve, the pathway responsible for carrying images to the brain for processing. Early diagnosis is critical in stopping the progression of permanent vision loss. Treatments range: observation only, daily medicated eye drop(s), laser treatment, surgical correction.

During the evaluation with your doctor you will have numbing drops while your eye pressure is measured, dilating drops to allow examination of the shape and color of your optic nerve, and further computerized testing, measurements and images scheduled. Your doctor will review all the findings, answer all your questions and concerns, and start a plan of treatment.  A report will be sent to your primary care doctor with diagnosis and plan for care. 

Does Marijuana Help Treat Glaucoma or Other Eye Conditions?

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Risk Factors for Glaucoma

  • Family History
  • Black, Asian, Hispanic heritage
  • Over age 60
  • Smoking

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