Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetic disease can effect almost all 10 general components of your eye. The most serious damage to your vision arises because of diabetic damage to the tiny, delicate blood vessels found in your retina.

No matter the patient's age, during a dilated annual eye exam, your doctor will review your general health, inquire about blood sugar control and note medications you may take. Intervention with medicine or laser treatment is most successful if performed before too much damage has occurred.

Your primary care doctor or endocrinologist, as part of your diabetic care, will request a dilated eye exam with annual report sent from your Ophthalmologist. At Associated Eye Surgeons, our doctors are in constant communication with your local doctor as well as specialists at Joslin Clinic in Boston and surrounding towns.

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Dr. Henry Kriegstein is fellowship trained in the management of diabetic retinal eye disease.

Dr. Lauren Bierman is fellowship trained in medical retina management.

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