Cataract Testing/Evaluation

Cataract Testing/Evaluation

For now, no glasses, pills, eye drops or injections will cure cataracts. Because of the difference in individuals and their lifestyle visual demands, there is no one answer to when is the "right time" to have your cataract removed.

If in consultation with your doctor, you are scheduled to proceed with cataract removal, you will be contacted by our Surgical Coordinator who will guide you through the surgical process.  Your surgery will be performed by your doctor at our Ambulatory Surgery and Laser Center of Cape Cod, Sandwich, MA.

 An appointment, in our office is necessary prior to your scheduled surgery for lens implant measurements.   You will see your Primary Care Doctor for a pre-op clearance physical within a determined time frame prior to your surgery. The staff at the surgery center will be in touch with you to go over details and determine the time of day of your procedure. The day after surgery, you will be seen by the doctor in  our Plymouth or Sandwich office for post operative assessment, further instructions, and to review any questions you may have. 

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