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Make Treating your Glaucoma Part of Treating your Cataract - 04/04/17

If you or a family member have Glaucoma, the iStent implant may open up a world of possibilities. Dr. Henry Kriegstein is pleased to offer his patients having Cataract surgery who also have Glaucoma a combined procedure as an ideal option.

Implanted during Cataract Surgery, iStent is the smallest device approved for implantation in the human body, and has helped thousands manage their Glaucoma. iStent is designed to reduce eye pressure, which can prevent the progression of Glaucoma. iStent creates a bypass between the front part of your eye and its natural drainage pathyway to restore your eye's natural ability to drain fluid. Adding iStent to your Cataract Surgery can provide a number of benefits. Unlike eye drops, which require regular doses, iStent is a medical device that is designed to work continuously.  iStent has an excellent overall safety profile, similar to Cataract Surgery alone and, iStent is covered by a number of insurances. 

If  Cataract Surgery is in your near future, and you are currently taking one or more eye drops to lower your eye pressure, then you may be a candidate for iStent.

See video presentation for further information. Talk with Dr. Kriegstein to find out if iStent is right for you.

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