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Enhance Your Own Natural Beauty - 11/28/17

At Associated Eye Surgeons, we believe in working to enhance one’s natural beauty. We prefer products and procedures that help to counteract the aging process by keeping skin youthful and healthy. We offer a range of cosmetic treatments that are safe, effective, and give patients the results they want without looking like they’ve ‘had work done’.

Our skin is made up of three layers: the skin surface, the collagen layer, and the muscle layer. The skin surface is the top layer of skin. Protecting and taking care of this layer is extremely important for healthy skin, and can help reduce the appearance of aging. Many factors contribute to aging our skin surface – sun damage, smoking, and poor diet can all make the skin age more quickly. Conversely, using adequate sun protection, drinking lots of water, and using good skin care products can keep skin looking youthful and healthy. The skin care regimen we recommend is the Skin Medica line, which specifically targets the effects of aging with its GRASS program. This program combines Growth factors for rejuvenation, Retinols for renewal, and Antioxidants for free radical defense with Specialty products targeting specific needs and providing Sun protection. Using a combination of these products can help to give skin a youthful glow, as well as reducing the appearance of sun damage and wrinkles.

The deepest layer of skin is the muscle layer. The muscles of the face allow us to move our face and make facial expressions, but can also cause deep lines and wrinkles over time. Botox is administered as an injection to help relax certain muscles in the face. We target those muscles that are not needed for important facial movement, but that do cause some of the more obvious signs of aging. By weakening the muscles that cause deep wrinkles to form, we can significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Botox is commonly used to eliminate lines on the forehead – both horizontal lines and the deep ‘elevens’ that form between the brows – as well as reducing crow’s feet and even helping to keep a patient’s mouth from pulling down with age. Botox should be administered every three to four months until the desired results are achieved, then the quantity of Botox or the frequency of appointments may be adjusted to create a more permanent regimen.

Between the skin surface and the deeper muscle layer is the collagen layer. Collagen is a substance we produce naturally until the age of 25 and begin to lose in our 40s. Collagen provides a ‘cushion’ for the skin surface to rest on, keeping skin firm and smooth. As we lose collagen, our skin no longer has this support and begins to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Around the time we are losing our collagen, the ‘fat pads’ in the face that provide volume, contours, and fullness begin to droop. This causes areas of fine skin like the area just below our eyes to develop a sunken, shadowed look. By boosting our collagen, we can help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles as well as filling in areas where we are losing support.  Our collagen can be augmented in two ways: by encouraging our skin to produce its own collagen, or by administering a filler to take the place of the collagen we have lost. The procedure we use to create our own collagen is called Pellevé. This is a radio frequency treatment that uses a gentle heat to encourage skin cells to start producing collagen. The treatment is typically done over four sessions spaced one month apart and produces a subtle, natural smoothing and firming of skin tone. Pellevé takes some time for effects to be noticed as each treatment builds on the last, and results should be expected to be visible around three to six months after each treatment. This means that by the third or fourth appointment, the first treatment is beginning to be visible, and results keep improving until six months after the final treatment. Many patients experience a youthful glow immediately after each treatment, and so take advantage of this by scheduling treatments to coincide with important events such as weddings or reunions. After the initial treatments, one annual appointment is usually sufficient to keep skin looking youthful. The treatment itself produces no pain or discomfort, and requires no downtime and no restrictions. In fact, having Pellevé feels like getting a warm facial massage!

We can also replace lost collagen with injections of a substance known as hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid, or HA, occurs naturally in the body and helps to deliver nutrients, hold water, and promote volume and fullness. We inject this material to fill in areas of the facial skin that have lost collagen. There are three different thicknesses of HA available, and each targets different areas of the face. The thinnest, known as Volbella, is used to fill in the tear troughs (the dark circles that develop under our eyes), and to erase vertical lines above the upper lip. Because Volbella is so thin, it can also be used to define and outline the lips, giving a subtle fullness without creating a ‘pouty’ look. The middle thickness of HA is known as Juvederm and is used to fill in slightly deeper lines, particularly the ‘parentheses’ that form around the mouth. The thickest injection is called Voluma and is injected along the cheekbone to give a gentle mid-face lift. Not only does Voluma help enhance the appearance of the cheekbone itself, but it also lifts the skin below and can help to reduce the jowls that start to appear along the jaw line. Volbella and Juvederm both require annual injections to keep the desired appearance, and Voluma can last up to two years. All injections are safe, and do not require down time. The only restriction is that we ask you to refrain from using Aspirin or Aspirin products for a week prior to injections to prevent bruising. Each injection offers an immediate improvement, and the appearance continues to improve over three weeks.

There is a wide variety of options available to help reverse the aging process. Many are dramatic or invasive, and many more have serious side effects or require significant down time. At AES, our philosophy is that safe, gentle, low-risk treatments can help enhance our natural beauty and keep skin looking young and vibrant. We have carefully selected those products that give an excellent, natural-looking result while remaining safe and non-invasive. Our goal is to have people think that you look great without ever being able to tell why.
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